uPVC Recycling

Scrap uPVC door & window frames 

Our company buys bulk loads of scrap uPVC door and window frames. The material is bulked and re-sized before being transported to our UK re-processing buyers. We offer a collected and delivered in service depending on the location of material. Typically the material is moved in roll on/off containers, bulkers and walking floor trailers.


How is the scrap processed ?

  • Firstly, old PVC-U frames and off-cuts are collected from site in containers. Windows can be accepted glazed or un-glazed, complete with ironmongery.
  • Windows are transferred into an industrial shredder where huge rollers break them up ready for sorting.
  • Magnetic metals are separated out first.
  • Remaining metals are removed using a different process.
  • An intensive separation system splits the white material from the coloured PVC-U.
  • Specialist, high spec technology is utilised to pelletise the PVC-U to an outstanding level of purity.
  • Clean, contamination-free pellets are returned to manufacturing facilities.
  • Pellets are extruded into high quality profile systems and are ready for new window fabrication.


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