Recycling & Waste Management

What We Do

No matter what size your organization is or what kind of materials you need to dispose of, Envirocon offers a comprehensive, integrated waste management service.

Regardless of the size, location or sector of your business, we can develop bespoke waste, recycling and recovery initiatives to suit your specific industry needs. Ultimately we aim to reduce the amount of time, effort and money you spend managing your waste.

We typically achieve recycling rates of 75-95% by diverting the vast majority of waste away from landfill and other costly disposal routes.


Delivering a high quality service, promoting sustainability and effective cost management are at the forefront of everything we do. We work with businesses to:

  • Increase sustainable waste disposal
    • Manage all waste types under a single contract
      • Reduce the internal cost and the hassle of managing waste
        • Reporting to track performance and demonstrate environmental credentials to stakeholders
          • Educate and promote evironmentally sustainable behaviour and processes
            • Increase rebate potential and decrease disposal cost

How We Do It

Through applying our systematic business approach , it focuses on the type and quantities of waste that your site produces, which enables us to develop and implement a tailored waste management strategy designed to meet your specific needs and goals.

We engage with the key stakeholders in your business to improve your environmental performance and reduce the volume of waste that goes to non-sustainable disposal routes, this ensures that any unnecessary or uneconomical spend on disposal is eliminated.

We combine the best mix of capabilities to deliver a complete waste management service, regardless of location or requirements and we can cater for any type of waste. We manage the entire service, providing one point of contact, one contract, one monthly bill and one source of reporting.


A few Types of Materials we process