PP Sack & Bag Recycling

PP sacks come in all shapes and sizes due to the various business sectors they are used in. Many of our suppliers are skip companies, recycling centres and factories.

This material has to be collected in bales and should ideally be mill size bales.  We can collect them as a full consignment load or as part of a mixed plastic load.Rebate values do vary depending on the type and grade plus other contributing factors such as colour, cleanliness and contamination levels.


Grading for recycling PP sacks:

A Grade PP sacks – from manufacturing/factory production. Clean, white or single colour PP sacks with no contamination. This product commands the highest rebate value.

B Grade PP sacks – from cleaner recycling centres, almost always sorted and stored inside. The PP sacks should have little contamination and single colour streams can command a higher price.

C Grade PP sacks – usually from dirtier environments they would be considered a wash grade. Most of our supply comes from skip companies and waste transfer stations. These bales are usually mixed colours, command a much lower price.


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