We buy all grades of LDPE film

LDPE (Low-density polyethylene)  is used to for the manufacturing of pallet wrap, caps, plugs, netting, shrink wrap, garment bags and many other plastic bags.This plastic is similar in structure to HDPE, but is less dense and more flexible.

We purchase baled LDPE film in full or part consignment loads. For suppliers with storage constraints, we offer a ‘mixed load’ collection service which means we can collect a load of mixed waste plastic packaging and cardboard on the same vehicle. materials are either sent to UK re-processors or exported abroad in containers.


The grades of LDPE Plastic we purchase are most commonly:

  • 98/2 LDPE Film (typically from distribution centres and retailers)
  • 95/5 LDPE film (5% contamination which includes paper and labels)
  • 90/10 LDPE Film
  • 80/20 LDPE Film
  • LDPE Jazz (mixed colour)
  • Wash Grade LDPE Film
  • Agricultural crop cover
  • Silo cover



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