Plastic Bottle Recycling

All grades of plastic bottle bales considered


PET and HDPE bottles are one of the most recyclable waste products we dispose of.

We are constantly looking to purchase waste plastic bottles in full trailer loads. These botles are found in recycling centres, MRF (Materials Recycling Facilities) and other UK businesses. Plastic bottles are either made from HDPE e.g milk bottles, liquid drums or PET e.g. cool drink bottles. All materials are collected using a curtain sider vehicles or loaded directly into shipping containers where they will be sent for washing and processing.

Bottles can be supplied washed or unwashed but need to be presented in a compacted bale.


The grades of plastic bottles we buy include:

  • Mixed PET and HDPE (Clean Grade)
  • Mixed PET and HDPE with some level of contamination
  • Natural HDPE Bottles and Colour HDPE Bottles
  • Natural PET and Colour PET bottles