HDPE / PP Recycling

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is also very common and used to make film containers, vitamin bottles, milk jugs, butter tubs and the majority of carrier bags used across the world. It has a crystalline structure which means that “clear” products made from HDPE are transparent but hazy.

We buy bulk loads of baled HDPE natural and jazz coloured plastics from Plastic Recycling facilities through out the UK. This material is sent directly to re-processors who granulate and manufacture a variety of different products. We also purchase granulated material and supply to manufacturing plants.

Good quality, high grade granulated HDPE and PP materials are in strong demand in the far east. Lower grade and dirtier granulated plastics are often washed and further treated in the EU.


We Envirocon, we:

  • Buy your HDPE bottles either in baled or loose form
  • Buy your plastic HDPE scrap, such as wheelie bins, packing crates, gas pipes, plastic pallets and sheet
  • Offer a regrind service on your HDPE plastic scrap and give it you back


HDPE and PP plastic quality depends on some of the following factors:

  • Cleanliness and contamination levels
  • Type of HDPE e.g Extrusion or injection grade
  • Polymer mix e.g. HDPE and PP plastics mix
  • Ongoing volumes
  • Melt flow, granulate size and other production qualities


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