EPS / Polystyrene Recycling

We purchase white,clean Polystyrene (EPS) as well as used fish boxes throughout the UK.

In order to obtain a rebate for the polystyrene, it needs to be presented in densified blocks and palletised. This will ensure that a maximum load weight is achieved and will reduce transport costs. In addition to this, please ensure that the EPS is clean and white without any contamination any EPE (expanded polyethylene) must be removed.

Large volumes of undensified  EPS can also be removed from site and processed however this would attract a cost. Lose materials needs to be bagged or stacked and wrapped onto pallets.

Should you want to investigate the costs of installing a compactor to create densified blocks which would generate rebates, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free assessment and quote for a suitable machine.



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