Energy Procurement Services


ENVIROCON helps save you money and reduce your gas and electric costs by working in partnership with leading energy suppliers, who seeks to redress the balance in favour of our clients, allowing you to benefit from immense buying power whilst removing the worry and mystique surrounding energy contracts. In brief we make the process simple and transparent. This is what we call Smarter Buying.

Smarter energy buying reduces the amount you will pay in the future for your commercial electricity and gas, whether you represent a small business or a huge entity. This service is free.

The process of quoting for electricity or gas depends entirely on the type of energy user and the amount of energy used.

For smaller and some medium sized users it is possible to provide prices almost immediately using what is called the "Matrix", but some intermediaries, (as they are called), will apply inflated margins to the price quoted by a supplier, and some intermediaries will only work with a handful of suppliers.

We have access to all main energy suppliers and we have a fair price promise which means we work within the basic commission structure. As such, our procurement services are free to our clients, our commission being paid from the energy supplier wholesale margin. We are always willing to disclose our commission on any transaction.