Welcome to ENVIROCON

Industries Number ONE Waste Management & Commodities Brokering Specialists
Envirocon is dedicated to delivering quality Waste Management & Commodities Brokering Services for all public, commercial, industrial and warehousing sectors with a personal touch.
Our comprehensive and innovative range of waste management services range from the supply of workplace consumables to delivering a full waste management program.

We are constantly raising the standards of our customer service and provide comprehensive solutions to all our customers needs. Through our expert consultancy, reporting and specialist equipment, we always find ways to increase your recycling rates, improve your environmental credentials and save you money.

Our objective is to provide you a fully managed service, giving you a ONE CONTACT ONE SOLUTION approach so you can focus on what is most important to your business

We deal with most types of plastic waste and prouction scraps which include:
- Bottles
- Crates
- PP Bags
- LDPE films
- uPVC
- PP
- Nylons

and much much more.